Visit to the Budugallena Rock


Budugallena is an ancient monastery complex lying deep inside the jungle of Rahathungala mountain range near Buttala. This complex has been called “Konketiya Viharaya” in the past but had been abandoned with people migrating elsewhere. In the 1970’s parts of this massive complex has been cleared and some caves have been used for meditation by priests. With this turnaround, this site was known as the Budugallena Aranya Senasanaya. According to legend this complex was developed by a son of Theraputtabaya who was one of the generals of king Kawanthissa. About fourteen rock inscriptions belonging to pre-Christian era have been discovered in the Budugallena caves.
Visitors can gain insight about religion and its influence on Sri Lankan history by visiting this monastery.

Who can Visit

Anyone who is interested in exploring the Sri Lankan religious history can pay a visit to Budugallena rock temple. There is no entrance fee to visit the temple.

What to Wear

Visitors can come in light and soft clothing when visiting the temple.

How Long

It would take approximately 2 hours to walk around this ancient temple.