Royal Colombo Golf

Highlights & Features

Your host has lived in Sri Lanka for 20 years and is a top senior golfer in the city
Join him for a round of golf on his turf
Benefit from course knowledge, clubhouse access and green space in central Colombo
Includes: Host, green and caddy fees
Duration: 8:00am or 2:00pm for 4 hours
To wear/bring: Suitable golfing attire, cap & sunscreen

What to bring

Visitor can make easier if they come up with Suitable golfing attire, cap & sunscreen.

The Full Experience

Meet a resident expat and member for a round of golf at Sri Lanka’s finest and oldest club, the Royal Colombo Golf Club which was established in the 1800s.
An avid golfer, your host has played on the finest courses the UK and south Asia have to offer and has been a member of the sought-after Royal Colombo Golf Club for 12 years. Accompanied by your caddies, walk the course with your host and experience another side to urban life in Sri Lanka on this half day experience. With two decades of tales to tell about his life as a golfing aficionado and expat on the teardrop isle, there is plenty to keep you occupied. Why not wrap up your time together over refreshments at the clubhouse.