Jeep Safari at Yala National Park


Yala National Park is the second largest national park in Sri Lanka and by far the most visited. The park consists of five blocks, two of which are now open to the public and to adjoining parks. It is situated in the southeast region of the country, and lies in the Southern & Uva province. The park covers 979 square kilometers and is located about 300 kilometers from Colombo. The park is best known for its variety of wild animals. It is important for the conservation of Sri Lankan elephants, leopards and aquatic birds.

There is an entrance fee to be paid before entering the park. There are safari jeeps to be hired at the entrance of the Yala National Park or visitors can enter in their own vehicles too.

It is important to note that the park closes by 6 pm in the evening.

What Time

The best period of the year to visit the park is in the months of June to September The safari ride during the dawn of the day is the most popular since the visitors can enjoy the experience of encountering various species of animals that come out of the wild in search of food and water.

What to Bring

It is wise to get a hold of a map of the park if the visitors are on their own, before entering the park to prevent themselves from getting lost inside. The travelers can bring a bottle of water, a hat, cap or a pair of sunglasses to prevent from sun-rays.

What to Wear

The travelers can wear cotton comfortable clothing, shawls, jeans, shorts and a hat or cap to avoid sun rays in their safari.