A Visit to Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple


Gangaramaya is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Colombo, started by the famous scholar monk Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Nayaka Thero in the late 19th Century. It is a mix of modern architecture and cultural essence. The temple is known for having a young elephant, Ganga. Today Gangaramaya serves not only as a place of Buddhist worships but also continues as learning center. The national Vesak festival which celebrates the birth, enlightenment and the death of Lord Buddha is celebrated annually at this premises in a glorious way.
In recent days the Gangaramaya Temple has become a popular location for Wedding Photo-Shoots.

Who can Visit

The temple welcomes multi-ethnicities as well as multi-faiths and the tourists are most preferred to visit the Gangarama temple to witness the Viharaya, Samadhi statue and stupa, Ata Visi Hall, Bodhiya, Borobudur Replica, Relic Chamber, Museum and Seemamalakaya.

What to Wear

The visitors are expected to wear respectful attire when entering the temple, covering the shoulders and knees and preferably white clothes.

What to Bring

The visitors can bring flowers, incense sticks, oil to engage with the offerings to Buddha.