CLM, managed by a powerhouse of industry leaders and experienced travel advisors, offers consultancy services that provide hotel operators with a truly unique insight into their property, giving travellers who visit Sri Lanka, new experiences and affordable accommodation around paradise island.

Having partnered with several top-end travel and tourism professionals both locally and globally, CLM is the only well equipped hotel consultancy, backed by knowledge, passion and a result-driven approach. CLM provides a host of Hotel Advisory Services, including pre, launch and operational consultancy, staff recruitment and training & development, hotel security operations, Financial services, Interior Decor and Concept Development.

From conceptualisation to daily-operation, CLM provides a guiding hand that nurtures its hotel operators, providing you with the necessary operational stability and revenue maximisation, you require. Whether sales & marketing, branding, operational procurement, recruitment or even interior decor, CLM provides the best in consultancy and advisory.

Hospitality comes from within – CLM understands that and provides hotel operators in Sri Lanka with access to a pool of talent, ranging from young recruits to seasoned veterans of industry.

Keep your eye on the prize with CLM, whether you’re looking to hire or looking for experience, our expert team prides itself in placing the right candidates with the right jobs.

You can submit your vacancy or contact us for more details.

From grooming, to your personal and career development, CLM deeply understand the importance of perfection in hospitality. Your staff are an integral part of your hotel; the keys to 5-star hotel service. Through CLM, you will receive an outlined Code of Conduct that will act as your hotel scripture.

Hotel security combines many of the challenges inherent in hospitality, which can easily be combated by implementing a security program that can balance your security needs with that of customer service and reputation management. Partnering with a market leader in Security & Protection Services; CLM understands the importance of quality hotel security and provides hotels of all sizes and concepts, with security services to ensure the protection of guests, employees, and hotel property. As with a brand concept, CLM works with each hotel operator to develop a unique, comprehensive and dependable security plan that is tailored to their hotel or experiential property.

CLM understands the need, and many opportunities for growth within the industry for local hotel operators and the impact of changing market conditions on these operators. As the only local consultancy firm that holds numerous years of experience in the hospitality sector, CLM also understands just how imperative it is for a local operator to forge toward revenue maximisation in a market where international brand competition continues to grow. With elevated amounts of experience in the banking and financial sector, CLM provides practical solutions coupled with an innovative hotel advisory concept.

Create the perfect balance of financial success and hospitality care.

CLM understands that Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a property to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for a guest. From interior decor to the procurement of cost-effective, top of the line hotel equipment, CLM leverages their experience and knowledge to provide its hotel operators with the best insights into hotel creation and management, property refurbishment and maintenance.

CLM is a force of change in the hospitality industry, thriving on pushing the boundaries of hospitality in Sri Lanka, creating greater avenues for market competitiveness with winning hotel concepts. Armed with expert opinion, proven success and passion that knows no-bounds, CLM provides unique and refreshing property concepts focused on varying markets to suit an operator’s capacity. Creating environments that speak to the imagination of the modern traveller, creating more for holiday-goers that visit Sri Lanka, making paradise island a true haven for adventurers, explorers and romantics, consumed by wanderlust.

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